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ZOAH is a boutique hotel and surf school nestled along the shores of the serene Pacific coast in Guatemala. The tranquil town of El Paredon is the perfect place for surfers and lovers of the ocean. As you walk along the black sandy shores, you encounter endless waves and breathtaking sunsets. 


Just 60 meters away from the beach, you can run to the waves straight from your villa’s doorstep. Restaurants and cafes are all within walking distance, while ZOAH resides in a quiet part of town providing the perfect distance from the happenings in the calm little beach town of El Paredon.

ZOAH evolved from Las Olas Hotel founded in 2014 by Diego Ayala and Zhi Han (Hanna) Wang de Ayala. Diego is from Guatemala City, a chemical engineer/ surfer. Hanna is from the lovely island of Taiwan, an interpreter/ surfer. Since then, they have been crafting their dreams brick by brick, planting tree by tree. Cultivating a space that offers a combination of surfing, yoga, community impact, and a tranquil slice of paradise was the vision Hanna and Diego had that they are turning into a reality.


Cultivating a space that is designed for peace of mind is the guiding intention for ZOAH. Whether you are traveling alone, or in a group with children, you can feel confident in knowing that your safety is of top priority. There is always staff on-site that keep a close eye on things - while respecting personal privacy.

It is a place designed for solo female travelers also. We value the importance of travel safety. One of the owners of Zoah, Hanna used to be a solo female surfer/ traveler herself. Therefore, we have strict control over our personal and people that enter our place. Please feel free to write to us before your arrival.

Why stay at Zoah Surf?

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Family hotel
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Healthy food
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Quality service
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Rest and tranquility
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